Accountancy 5.0  

Accountancy 5.0! That is CVC Accountants. There is no use for an accountant who comes to talk about how things went long after the end of the year. You want specific, up-to-date figures every day. You want to be able to consult with a financial expert at any time and with every important decision. You want a quick and clear answer to your questions and plans, based on current figures.  

Our key values

CVC Accountants

Oude Middenweg 17
2491 AC The Hague

Mailing address:
Postbus 43
2260 AA Leidschendam

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+31 88 – 454 00 99

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App-driven accounting  

We work app-driven, unique in the accounting country. With this app or on your computer/laptop you can view all your data: from salaries to holidays, view your interim figures, prepare documents and communicate with us, and much more. Always and everywhere.  

CVC Accountants distinguishes itself from other accountants. We are super-fast and always up to date, highly automated and streamlined, thus making us cost-efficient. Based on a fixed monthly subscription with fixed prices.  

Weekly update  

Your figures are updated weekly, reported monthly and discussed quarterly. Or sooner, this is possible at any time. Our work processes are highly automated, but we look at the output from a professional point of view. With the most modern scanning techniques, bank links and dashboard reports that the market knows. Through our platform, everything financial, from administration to annual reports to tax returns, is linked to each other and accessible to you.