• Extra discounts are there for annual documents requested during the second part of the year
  • Reports are never longer than 1 A4!
  • One fixed point of contact
  • Discount for annual reports requested at the end of the year
  • Appointment with you or with us? We do not calculate travel costs and we pay your parking costs
  • Always an answer to your query within 1 work day!


current and relevant advice

Administration - You provide us with your data digitally via our interface. We update the data almost continuously, at least every week with a careful eye on the output. Every month we check the output again and we provide you with an extensive report every quarter. At your request, we will discuss your current figures whenever you want. With every important business decision, the figures and your sparring partner are therefore ready for you. Daily affairs can easily be exchanged or requested via our portal or the app.

Financial statements - With our unique method, you are always assured of current figures causing the traditional financial statements to lose their value. However, the financial statements remain to be an important document, for example for the shareholders' meeting, the deposit etc. We ensure that this is perfectly in order, based on the administration conducted.

Tax returns - We prepare corporate income tax, income tax or sales tax return for you in a timely and careful manner. Electronic approval with the tax authorities will follow your approval.

Salary administration - You only have to provide us with your personnel changes via our website, we do the rest: we take care of the salaries every month, you approve them, your employees receive a payslip in their mailbox and the declaration is filed with the tax authorities. And of course, all information is digitally accessible to you. Moreover, you can arrange, manage and view personnel files, contracts, deadlines, holidays and so on through our portal and the app. Very easy.

Support and guidance for your bookkeeper - Are you satisfied with your bookkeeper but do you still like it when we look over his or her shoulder? For example, for VAT, or booking more difficult items? We are happy to do that. We can support your bookkeeper quickly and efficiently via a dial-up connection.

Advice on tax optimization - Do you make maximum use of the tax options? Do you run your business in the optimal tax and legal structure? Do you use all options to minimize the tax burden? We are happy to advise you on this. A good tax and legal structure are the basis for the healthy financial management of your company.

Merger plans, financing questions, staff, strategy? - Where do you want to go with your company? What are your goals? And how are you going to reach them? Sparring about strategy, investment plans or takeover wishes will provide you, in addition to inspiration, a view on the best method to obtain results. Also, on these topics, no (financial) challenge is too big for our specialists. We like to act as a sparring partner and sounding board. As a specialist and a generalist and especially from our own experience as an entrepreneur. Together with you we make your case clear and outline the best method(s). If necessary, we call in additional specialists such as bankers or employment lawyers from our network. And of course, we use the administration that we keep, with always up-to-date figures for every decision!