• Altijd 1 vast aanspreekpunt!
  • Afspraak bij u of bij ons? Wij berekenen geen reiskosten en wij betalen uw parkeerkosten
  • Eén vast aanspreekpunt
  • Extra korting bij jaarstukken in het najaar
  • Onze rapportage is nooit langer dan 1 A4
  • Altijd binnen één werkdag antwoord op uw vraag
  • Wij nemen het initiatief voor uw kwartaal- en jaarcijfers

The 7 no-hassle rules of CVC accountants

No extra work, no hassle around your finances.
CVC Accountants relieves you of this worry and makes it even easier for you than you are used to.

1- A fixed all-in subscription price per month  

Your tax returns, financial statements and your administration, all for a fixed amount per month. No extra costs. No surprises. Very competitive rate. 

First customer contact? Together we determine what we will do for you. We offer this in the form of a subscription with a fixed price per month. You always know where you stand. Our subscription prices start at € 100 per month. 

2- You do well: both in The Hague and beyond

We pay a part of every turnover to the CFC Foundation. This foundation is managed by employees of CVC Accountants, among others. We thereby support the opportunities and development of children in the Third World and the developments of young people in The Hague. 

3- Extra discount for annual documents requested in autumn

Fair is fair, in autumn we are a little less busy. Can you benefit from this? If the annual reports in the autumn match your cycle, you can count on an attractive extra discount on the fixed all-in monthly rate.

4- Sparring partner

Not a dusty accountant, we are sparring partner at management level. Not just about taxation or annual reports, but about everything that concerns you as an entrepreneur. From pure business issues to future strategies and follow-up within or outside the family. 

5- One fixed point of contact

Nothing is more annoying than always another person to whom you must explain everything again. We will not let that happen at CVC Accountants. You get a single point of contact who knows your activities thoroughly. 

6- Always answer your question within one working day

Speed is one of our most important values, in combination with quality. Your question will always be answered within one working day. Do we have to figure out or check something? Then you will always let you know. 

7- Appointment with you or with us? We do not charge travel costs and we will gladly pay your parking costs

Personal contact is worth a lot to us. We would like to come to your office for this. Or we invite you to our office (you can get to know the people at CVC Accountants right away). But wherever we agree, we do not calculate travel costs and pay your parking costs.